Talking about poo

This one is a threat bringing the underground publicprivatepartnership in the middle of attention, lol, for making it easy to find smo you can go on doing fun…

So for the rules:

4 diffrent gaming positions, to be comfortable fitting for the gamers:

Comming out, showing ya like to flirt/flirty mood
you can post everything you like, mb: I like poo
you can post everything you hate, mb I hate poo

Getting in, you show you like/like not to join in the flirt, you give an answer like mb= Yes…poos are so cool [=I like to flirt]
No., poos are too ugly [I don´t like to flirt, but mb it is more friendly to not answer at all then :stuck_out_tongue:]

Pairshipping is growing:A real nice poo conversation is ready to go ahead then like mb the most recent poo-smell, form or a consistance discussion can go ahead then.

Join at everytime into the poo and mb become leader of the poo discussion…lol…

Mb sm of the conversations become funny and the community pairshipping is growing, lol

to comment on the the conversation like: Yes go on, or nahh, let it be…the community can post ot into conversation or give likes on the conversation…

LET LOVE SPREAD THE WORLD but speech must be nice…metaphorical and :scream: romantic!

I invite @Spelling_Mistake & @amitrish and sure everybody else to participate on this topic, lol

Dudette what the shinoda are you up to :smiley:

Thanks @The_early_walker for the topic :slight_smile:
I don’t think a lot of people would be interested in discussing about… you know… that stuff, or in terms of that. Also, as @the_termin8r pointed out, it’s “thread” not threat.


lol like to get un aperetive for ya party? [you two motivated me on this lol…]
edit: let´s wait and see and be surprised in this thread…lol

Not sure people are up to this (if I understand correctly what this game is supposed to be). It might also be against the rules according to the code of conduct.

Why this @evooba?

I dunno what the :poop: this is about.

This is @The_early_walker’s favorite line in saying that she is going to sit there and pretend that she doesn’t understand :poop: about what people are talking.

??? :joy::joy::sunglasses:

Well, forums should be kept PG. Not sure how this game is going to go exactly…

This is not the thread for me :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew this before, but you and ya @intheend are welcome here…lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ups forgott: as a machine-man implying no feelings, you even can´t participate…sorry

Well, just to defend her for a moment, technically she isn’t breaking the rule. The word “poo” is neither profane nor vulgar, rather it’s much more (for the lack of a better word) polite. :stuck_out_tongue:
But nevertheless, many wouldn’t prefer to participate just because of the topic name.

Wait… isn’t poo code for “love” and flirting and all that?

I’m sure he gas has (holy :poop: not fart :poop:) some sort of sadistic hedonism.

She’s just using the word as an example. You could say “I like ice cream” instead of using the other word. I don;t think it’s a code for anything, but then I am unaware if she is doing so.

she isn´t doing nothing then setting a frameandgiving a plattform for human needs in sense of spreading LOVE bestways…

I thought it was a game about showing love in some way?

@The_early_walker Enlighten us.

best way to play on this game YES

BUT i´LL ADD to the rules: speech must be nice…metaphorical and :scream: romantic


In that case… I’m following Rob in this one. Sorry!

My point exactly: showing love in some way. So you can replace the word she used with any other word.
Ahhhmmmm… for example, (*clears throat again) I would prefer saying I ice-cream @Spelling_Mistake than you-know-what.

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