Take Back Bieber



  1. Opposite of the my cookie thread, you have to gift Bieber to someone in any way possible, and whoever has him last is the loser

  2. No continuous posts (one after another from the same person)

  3. You can gift him in any way imaginable, but you cant kill him (too bad) or get rid of him other than to someone else, etc


I gift Bieber to @IronSoldier16 since it was his idea for this thread, now he is yours :joy:


I was kidding when I said that jajaja however, I can’t accept back something I gave you. Mmm… Maybe Chirs or Charlie want him jajaja.

Ok, I’ll him to @the_termin8r just because XD


I just want to point out that mr chigokurosaki here somehow had Bieber in his possession to begin with :thinking:


Ahh yes, because @IronSoldier16 gifted him to me in the last letter game lol :joy: and he refused to take him back even though I refused to take him to begin with :joy:


Game over, you gave me Bieber and now I keep him forever as a play thing and test subject. He will suffer and beg to be killed.


Thanx Rob- @the_termin8r- you did a great favor to me - a thread for him is just dirting our plattform- sorry @chigokurosaki


I agree with you on this pat @theearlywalker and thanks again Rob @the_termin8r

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So you thought it was that easy? :joy: what do you think the etc in the rules are for? You must pass him to someone else, and guys, this is a thread to show that we don’t like him lol, so how is that bad by any means? :joy:

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Loool, not bad - don’t get me wrong- but I rather don’t play Bieber :joy:

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Ok, guess this thread is dead then. I blow it up and send Bieber into outer space instead.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i laughed hard!
The thread started and ended before i came here lool!

Bbye Bieber ! Ëñjòy outer space! ,:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What? Did I lose something? :joy:


Lol, I always forget about this thread until someone posts in it. Maybe I should ask Jordan to take it down.

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Oki so i should tag him?
@jFar920 take the thread down. :slightly_smiling_face:


Bye bye Take Back Bieber thread we will miss the dirty experiments of @the_termin8r on Bieber…

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