Tacoma, WA show

Anybody going to this show?

It’s at the Tacoma Dome… which seems like a strange venue for them, no?
But it makes me happy cuz its like 5 minutes away from the book store where I work at. I am so glad I don’t have to go to Seattle…

I got 4 tickets for it Monday morning… Left me broke. Haha. Taking two friends and my man. Although he doesn’t seem very excited. -__-

Yup i will be there with friends Tacoma dome is not that bad but PIT is always the best cause the seats suck there. the countdown is on!

Me and the boyfriend, in the pit! I also accidentally bought 2 seat tickets (don’t ask), so maybe a couple other friends. If not, they’ll be for sale. The tickets, not the friends.
EDIT Just noticed the part about your bf not being excited, I took an unenthusiastic ex with me to the Meteora World Tour show in Portland (ah high school) and he didn’t particularly like LP… but they won him over by the end of the show. :wink: So you never know.

I’ll be going to the show and this won’t be their first appearence at the Tacoma Dome. I saw Linkin Park back in 2004 at the Tacoma Dome during their Metora Tour with P.O.D and Hoobastank. You got it made because parking around the Tacoma Dome tends to be difficult and over priced.

Well worth the purchase for tickets! Congrats!

would love to see that show,but the pits down here have an extra grit and texture because its soooooo hot and you can see the waves of everyones heat and energy, intense. but would be nice to go in a cooler climate

I’ll be there for my first LP concert! I’ll be in the pit Rockin out with everyone!!! I’m so excited and can’t wait!!!

I am so going to be there in the pit!! This is my first LP concert and I’m stoked!! :smiley:

I’ll be there. Can’t wait, I’m so excited.

Totally going with 5 or 6 friends myself. I went to their Meteora tour back in 2005 or 2006 which was in the Tacoma dome. Wasnt too bad but i was also in the pit so it sounded fine to me. But i do know that their sound system isnt too great for people sitting up in the stands. Hopefully it wont be too bad. Im just stoked that they are finally back after like 5 years.

I’m going! I got a pretty good reserved seat (I’m not really a pit person).
It will be my first LP concert, my first time being at the Tacoma Dome, and the first time I’ll be by myself at a concert…

I know how you feel I purchased 3 tickets for 2 different shows pit for both. Now I’m completely broke but well worth it. Hopefully your boyfriend will get more excited as the show date gets closer…if not I’m sure you’ll have a great time

Ill be driving up there from Medford, Oregon. I went to the show in 04 in the dome and it was a lot of fun, you could actually feel the dome shaking as they played faint, it was amazing.

Can’t wait- this will be my first LP concert. Kinda bummed that I won’t be in the pit though. Wish it was in Seattle… or at the Gorge (where I’ve never been before)!

This is my first LP concert and I bought 3 reserved seats in section 16! BTW does else think that it is weird that they dont ship the tickets out until august? so close to the concert date! At least Im pretty sure it said expected shipping date is in august on my receipt…

i agree them shipping the tickets so late is kinda wierd… wish they would send them out asap so if i wanted to spend the week up there i could