Tacoma Tickets

Has anyone going to the Tacoma show on Sept 5th tickets shipped yet mine should have shipped 2 days ago. Whats with all these problems?

Im waiting on mine as well.

Still waiting also, but I got an email from UPS earlier today with a tracking number. It said that the estimate delivery date will be Monday, so I’m really hoping for that…

I got the email as well. So if they are here then sweet. I am set

Did you guys receive yours yet? They said mine was sent out on the 24th, but I still haven’t received it yet (& I got no confirmation e-mail either).

This ticket thing is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of! When I bought my tickets I lived in Phoenix, and was moving to Seattle. So I bought the tickets for the show in Tacoma, and had them shipped to Phoenix. I didn’t realize they were not going to ship them out until 4 months later!!!

Being a die-hard Linkin Park fan I also got a ticket for the Vancouver show the day before. I didn’t renew my passport in time and now can’t go to that show. So I’m going to receive these tickets 3 days before the show and need to overnight them to my new Seattle address? What a freaking disaster. I will NEVER buy tickets through a pre-sale again in my life. To say I am disappointed in this entire process is a massive understatement.

Oh, and I’m losing a shipping day because of the holiday on Monday. So I’m basically just out the $130 I spent on the Vancouver ticket? Fantastic. Thanks LPU/Presale/Anybody else related to this.

I got mine for Tacoma show…

i live in seattle no tickets yet its getting close!

Totally freaking out now… less than a week to go, but no tickets as of yet (it says that my order has been fulfilled and that it was sent out on 8/24). Who and where can we contact about the ticket situation? If you don’t get the tickets in time, would we still be able to get in if we show up to the ticket booth and show the receipt (and valid ID)?

Also… how far in advance do they let you know if you’ve been chosen for the M&G? If you’re seleceted and still have no tickets by the time the concert date, can you just show your receipt?

Will be VERY disappointed if my tickets don’t show up soon!

Just a warning for all of those without tix yet… A girl for a show in Canada didn’t get hers in time. Not to make you worry but it has happened… The post is in a different forum around here somewhere.

If you don’t get ur tickets by friday i would call ground control which is what i will be doing just as a back up plan. I have been waiting since 2007 to LP again in my home state i won’t miss it.

Call ground control and get your name on the Will call list. If you get your tickets then you are set… if you dont, you will be able to go to the will call line at the venue and pick them up there.
Cant wait to come up to Tacoma and rock out.

I got mine on Monday, so I’m set.
But if I didn’t get mine by tomorrow I was going to do will call. So like others have said, just call will call if you don’t get yours by tomorrow.

Whoopee! Finally got mine yesterday!

I bought my tickets through TicketMaster. I had a problem with receiving my tickets via email and they resent them with no problems. Make sure your tickets have the bar code on them that is visible. That is what the Ticket Master represenative told me yesterday. Hoping everyone enjoys the show. I wished I could go, but my son is going in my place because i have been in the hospital. Rock On!

Got my tickets today it was getting close good luck to everyone who has not got there’s yet.