System of a Down and you like them? :D

Hey guys :smiley: I think you know Systerm of a Down. Do you like them, Serj Tankian’s solo project and Scars on Broadway? If you want show your SOAD collection :smiley:

I do but I have to admit I don’t know like every song…but as such they have some sweet songs :slight_smile:

I really liked the Scars on Broadway record and I liked Serj’s first solo album but not so sure about the second one, I haven’t heard it all yet.

SOAD is pretty good, the only song of serj which i know is empty walls and i like it.

No problems :wink:

I love Serj Tankian!!! He is my hero, my love, my soul!!! He has so much talent

I also think it :smiley: