Summit early entry question

Do the people going to the Summit in Camden, NJ get to go into the show before LPU members that have a laminate for early access?


Is there a a separate part of the front row reserved for them…so LP members with laminates have a chance to get front as well?

Yesterday at the show in Bristow they asked everyone with the LPU laminate to line up into one long line at the right side of the doors then they broke down into I think 4 lines (luckily i was first in line haha) and when they opened the doors, we just ran for our lives !!! I got front row right in the middle it was amazing. But yeah to answer your question, they will eventually ask people with the laminate only to line up and then they will let you in about 30 minutes before the doors opened. We were in at 6:30 while the rest of people were in at 7:00.