Streetgig Berlin

Hello to the lucky ones who were at the show!
It was incredible to be there with you and thank you for the great spirit.
I was standing in front of the stage so I could really enjoy this amazing evening.
LP were just wow - great and powewerful…
Please write your impressions and opinions of the day we will never forget.

I think It was like the best show ever :smiley:
And it was so great to meet so many LPU´ers I know :slight_smile:
All the waiting in the rain/whindy tunnel was absolutley worth it :smiley:
I can not wait to see them again! I will never forget this day aswell :slight_smile:

Yes, it was the best show ever!!! AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! I don`t forget this.


well…the setlist was great, the crowd was amazing, the band was on fire.
Awesome venue…I can’t ask for more. Very good and special show. I’m happy that I was a part of it.

It was my first LP show ever… Could it be better? :smiley:
Great performance!

it was my first LP show too. i feel lucky, that after 11 years of being their fan, the first time i saw them was in this beautiful theater, not in a festival with 60 thousand mostly drunk people :slight_smile: i travelled for 13 hours to be there, but it was worth it, i was amazed. thank you guys!

It was fantastic… but I hate people, who think they can push themselve from the back to the front of the crowd in front of me and than jump on my feets… horrible…

but this concert was very rocky… the setlist was delicious :slight_smile:

best setlist ever !! AMZAING SHOW, can’t wait to hear more new songs live !!!

that’s right jenny…there are always people who don’t know how to behave… they come at 5PM and want to get closer t to the stage than the people who were waiting there for many many hours…
Guys : that sucks !!

I’m happy for the people who can call this their first concert. It couldn’t be better…

this was my 5th LP concert :smiley: my first was in 2008 (Berlin, Waldbuehne) and I can’t say which one was better ^^
I was so happy about standing in the first row (first time ever at a LP show) :smiley:
I can’t wait for the european tour and see them again ;D

With You :smiley:

It was truly awesome, huh? I got up to fourth row, thanks to my friends from Pinkpop. The setlist was epic, the guys were having an obvious blast, the crowd was wild and everything was just perfect! :slight_smile: You know what? I got to touch Mike and his mic, all the guys have probably noticed me (pink mohawk stands out) and do you know, what was the best moment, like, ever? I winked at Mike and he winked back. My heart almost pounded through my chest, it was truly epic. I can’t stop loving these guys! :wink:

Ha ! I touched Mike, too… It was great that he came down to us! Chester did it in Hannover 2008 and he took my hand [biggrin]

that was one of the greatest shows i went to. my 9th Linkin Park show couldn’t be better

yes it was a amazing show, my 4th show and the first were i met so many LPUer and Non-LPUer that i know. the set, the people and the atmosphere was burning. And after that i met with some LPUern and talked the whole night along. it was totally awesome

photos in my blog and videos on my youtube channel (link on my side)

I totally agree, it was the 6th and the BEST show I’ve seen so far. All the songs, the energy, the crowd, the band… perfect!!! I have never been to Berlin before and I traveled all the way ALONE, even though I’m afraid to walk around in cities alone cause I always get lost… and I did - I walked around there with my map like an idiot!
But it was worth it!!!

It was my 3rd LP-Show and it was the BEST one! It was so awesome. The guys were having fun, the crowd was having fun… just amazing.
I was standing in the second row and also got to touch Mike, when he came down during “In The End” and at the end of the concert.
And it was amazing to get to know some other LPUers :smiley:

This was my first concert too :slight_smile:
I came to Germany from Russia to visit relatives and had the opportunity to attend a concert =)
this is really amazing show :slight_smile:
LP “burned the stage” :smiley: very cool :slight_smile:
and fans were very friendly and positive ^^
Thanks you guys for a good time, I really enjoyed the Berlin, hope that we’ll meet the same again :slight_smile:

i heard that the show was really great! The show will be shown on Pro7 on Thursday june 21st at 00:50am german time