Have you ever heard about this band?
Krwlng from Reanimation is featuring Aaron Lewis, the frontman of Staind.

Official web-site

Break the cycle is my favorite album :).

love this guys! I like a lot of their songs, new album is pretty good as well :wink:

I like Staind too…very good band! Krawling was such a great song

what is a staind? :open_mouth:

[quote=LinkinParkForever275]what is a staind? :open_mouth:

It’s a rock band… -___-
Hope these links help you:
Official web-site

I like Staind, Outside is my favorite song of them. I saw them live at Rock im Park 2009…i guess it was 2009 :smiley:

[quote=Daliya][quote=LinkinParkForever275]what is a staind? :open_mouth:

oh i used to listen to them a lot like 10 years ago. almost forgot that they even exist :open_mouth:

They’re pretty cool. Saw them live once @ Rock am Ring 2009 and it was awesome :wink:

[quote=LinkinParkForever275][quote=Daliya][quote=LinkinParkForever275]what is a staind? :open_mouth:

Oh sorry man…

[quote=Daliya][quote=LinkinParkForever275][quote=Daliya][quote=LinkinParkForever275]what is a staind? :open_mouth:

I’ve only seen a video of One Step Closer with Aaron Lewis and didn’t really like his voice.

Maybe you didn’t like it cuz OSC is not made for his voice? I mean his voice is a little deeper than Chester’s. You should listen one of their songs to decide.

Their new self titled album is really good. It’s more of a throwback to their older sound on Dysfunction or Break The Cycle not the crap they have been putting out the last few years.

i think my brother got me into this band as well and i got to see them live with my sister. i like: falling, believe, home, its been awhile, not again, mudshovel is ok, right here, so far away, outside, fade, for you, all i want and those are the ones i know at the top of my head

Love their music!
Their self titled record is the best one for me in 2011. Every single song is just great.

Yeah, I heard of Staind. Their a really good band (not better than Linkin Park).

I was supposed to see them live in October with Finger Eleven, unfortunately it was cancelled “due to scheduling conflicts.” The new album’s pretty good though, favorite song from it being Something To Remind You.