South Africa LPU

I’m curious to know who else from South Africa is also a LPU Member. It feels like i’m the only one. It’s not a regular thing so let me hear yah!

Hi there Eddl,

Don’t worry you not alone…
i just got the "Living Things’ cd this morning and i haven’t stopped listening,can’t wait for them to come to SA.

You will notice that a whole host of new people joined since they announced the LP show in SA

VERY BIG LP fan here from SA dude! 7 Nov Cape Town!!!

see above [mrgreen]

No way in Hell that I will miss this…got Tickets 2 minutes after the announcement that they were coming to SA…Hope to see you all rocking FNB Soccer City on the 10th !!!


It aint just you and others, I’m here too.
SInce you all LPU Members in SA, were you able to book Golden Circle through this site
during the LPU booking days?

I would really like to know how many LPU members were able to cos ‘we’ deserve
GC tix. So so so can’t wait for the 10 of November:-)


There’s a ton of us who signed up to get early access tickets!

Shout out to all the SA fans, Nov is going to rock!

See you on the 10th :smiley:

Trying to get everyone on LPU from SA on the FB page

Based in CT and excited beyond words

HUGE LP fan! See you at FNB stadium!

You’re not alone. There are many out there.

There’s plenty of Saffers in the forum, you just didn’t notices them… [biggrin][biggrin][biggrin]

That should be awesome to see a show of Linkin Park in South Africa.


Well there should be alot more members from SA now ;- )

I’ve been an LPU member for a while now, I live in Joburg and still haven’t received my LPU stuff in the mail. How long did it take your guys stuff to arrive and who did you contact if you have problems? Nobody can give me answers, not even ground (ctrl)

Robin your doing a great job on the LPU FB - keep it up bud

Well been a LP fan since their first release and still a huge fan all the way.

Nov 10 gonna be AWESOME!!!

Did anyone have any hassles getting your LPU merch? How long did it take?