South Africa Concert tickets

I bought my tickets for the upcoming South African on the LPUnderground website, but have still not been informed where to collect my tickets. Anybody have any information?

You should receive an email from Computicket within the next month with collection instructions. But be patient. We’re all still waiting.

Equally frustrated. Received the following feedback from Big Concerts on Monday:

"Thank you for contacting Big Concerts, we appreciate your email.

Once tickets are purchased, you will receive a reference number and a letter from LPU and CTK, with this you can go to a computicket outlet and collect your tickets. Please note that you will not receive the reference numbers/letters immediately, it can take a few weeks to get to them.

Please note that this process is taking time and that we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Should you require anything further please contact us on +27 11 759 7215 or by emailing us at"

Would make life a lot easier if they would just communicate this to all (a flippen footnote on their website would do).

Its really bad from there side and really poor service from Computicket informing nobody as yet…

I got a feeling that the same thing as the U2 concert will happen, where all of us (that brought the pre-sale tickets) are collecting the “PHYSICAL” ticket 2 weeks before the show…[mad][mad][mad]

on a lighter note, we’re at least better than okes that has no ticket…[cool]