Soundwave 2013 - LPU Meet Ups

Hey Guys,

If you’re as excited as me for Soundwave 2013, you’ve bought tickets to every city and eagerly awaiting the announcement of side shows (most likely in Sydney and Melbourne).

I am also a huge Metallica fan, so this festival is going to be extra special. The one thing I love about Metallica is that there is a real sense of community amongst fans, which is something I’d really loke to see with all of the Australian LPU members.

Wanted to see how people felt about a possible meet-up in any of the Soundwave cities sometime before the shows (possibly a day or so, when everyone is in town).

If a few of us were interested in getting together a few weeks before the show it’d also be cool to design a kick-ass Australian LPU banner to hang over the rail at the shows. Tell me what you think guys…

hey mate, as good as a meet-up sounds! lets try keep everything soundwave in one thread.

Here’s the active ‘soundwave’ thread