Sorry For Now (Unofficial Music Video)

Here is the unofficial music video I put together for Sorry For Now.
Originally it was a fan project that wanted to showcase grieving about Chester and feeling sorry for not being there for him, which is how I felt. The song hit too close to home in that regard. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to be a tribute to him, the band and the fans. Yes the song is sad, but it’s a bittersweet sad. I wound up using stock footage for this.

Stock footage includes:

  1. Mike Shinoda PT music video clips
  2. Crawling Live
  3. Chester Tribute Concert in October
  4. Clips of every LP music video that had Chester in it.
  5. And more

Thanks for taking the time to look. Putting this together was very tough and emotional.


Genuinely, truly loved it… :slight_smile:
It’s very very nicely put together, I love your selection of videos at the appropriate times and it felt as the song fees now that it’s in reference to Chester…you should be super proud of your work :grin:

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I don’t have to express my gratitude with your project! You should feel proud of yourself :blush:

As Framos said above, the way you put each piece of the video is excellent! Also the mix of emotions I felt when I saw Chester was really emotive!

Thanks for sharing, and once again, excellent work! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Thanks for sharing this

It’s amazing

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@jamtia This is awesome! :grinning:
Thank you for sharing

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Thank you @framos1792, @IronSoldier16, @StephLP18 and @justinkilmer for the responses. You don’t know how much they mean to me! You guys are the best!


Just calling 'em as we see them! :grin: I’m not on social media but I’m sure if it took off, people not here would love to see it too

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I’ve shared with friends and they seem to appreciate and enjoy the video which is great. Almost at 100 views now. Right now it is monetized by WMG which is good. I just hope it stays up so fans can come across from it. It would be great if LP did make a music video for this song, especially after the fact, but I can understand if they want to move on from OML completely.

I’ll continue to share it with people here and there but I won’t go crazy trying to promote it and get views everyday. I have another idea of a video I would like to do in a style of a documentary for the band.


Nice editing and choice of clips :+1:


@jamtia Of course!! Have to appreciate all the work you put into it, plus it turning out great is also a big bonus :smile:

I’m with you I hope more fans continue to see this.


Thank you @rickvanmeijel means a lot!

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I really like