Songs you don´t like

is there a song from linkin park that you don´t like? i don´t know why, but i don´t like “blackout”. but i like all other songs of them

Not exactly Linkin Park, but I hate Give Me Your Name by Dead by Sunrise

I Song Really like wretches and Kings. So i Most of the time skip it…

And @TripleXero as a Woman i have to like it because its Romantic but it is Not one of m faves chester did…

Valentine’s Day``````

It’s hard to say that I “dislike” a Linkin Park song, because I take nearly everything from LP over everything else! But there are songs I like less than others.

There aren’t many for me, but Mark The Graves. Even though it’s new, I always have to skip it each time I listen to THP (which is A LOT still) :’)

Yeah, I don’t like every song on Recharged. I know it’s a remix album but I just can’t stand it. Same goes for A Light That Never Comes…


Might be an unpopular opinion, but Breaking the Habit never really did anything for me.

Same for me. But when it comes to the studio albums, I actually like every song.
Which songs are also not for me, are the ones on the current LPU XIV CD.

Mostly, I agree. I can’t tell the difference between some of the songs when they first start. The normal ALTNC is ok, but Rick’s remix is awful.


Agreed. I love all their “real” songs, but Recharged includes some stuff that is terrible in my opinion (for example: both UIB remixes, ALTNC reboot)
But to be fair there are some tracks on it that I enjoy too! (I LOVE STB remix, ALTNC, IBG Vice Remix…the rest is just decent)

Maybe, Lies Greed Misery and Wretches and Kings :S

yeah wretches and kings just dont hit me yet… but i ll give it a try again someday

Same for me, I bought Recharged and listened to it one time… and never again. I really don’t like it.

While it’s not terrible, I usually skip over Pretend to Be when shuffling music. Maybe my least favorite LP song, but still not as bad as Give Me Your Name

Give Me Your Name is probably my least favorite from DBS. Well, not a huge fan of DBS anyways (sorry Chester), I always prefered FM.

I love DBS. While Give Me Your Name is not my favorite song from them I don’t think it’s bad. A couple LP songs I don’t like are Burn it Down and Papercut. I’m just not into them