Sometimes, it literally is the small things


I had a rough night, mentally. I’ll have days where the grief over Chester will just hit me in the stomach, and I can’t recover. It seems like every small thing is reminding me he’s gone. I had one of those days more than ever today. By the end of the day when I was heading home, I felt completely done and just wanted to give up on today. I felt sick of everything. I grabbed my mail, went inside, and noticed a package from Linkin Park. I’d only ordered one thing, and somehow, it had arrived two days early.
The pin of Chester’s signature.

Its the small moments like these that keep me going. Those reminders that he wouldn’t want me to give up on anything. Seeing “#makechesterproud” printed under a photo of him and realizing he wouldn’t want me to just quit. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so alone in my day, like he was sitting next to me when I opened that package, like he’d handed me that pin himself and told me to keep going. Yes, grief hits hard. But I can hit back harder knowing it’ll make him proud.


Yes! Make Chester Proud!! :muscle: :heart:


Love it. Make Chester Proud

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Just reading that makes me feel like I shouldn’t give up either. I was having a bad day today. :frowning:


Of course you don’t have to give up!! Stay strong soldier! Rough days happen, but there are many reasons to fight! :muscle: sending strenght and love! :hugs:


Never give up. Just because today was bad doesn’t mean tomorrow will be!


I’m glad that pin came in the mail that must have felt comforting. Glad you’re still with us.

I got really sad again when I found out LP might be recording more music without Chester. I felt like I was mourning his death all over again like I did when I first found out.

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Thanks. I’ve made a promise to Chester. No more disappointing him anymore, right? Make Chester Proud!!! :slight_smile:


True. But sometimes I just can’t fit in with the others and they give me a hard time about it. They think it’s crazy to mourn for Chester because I never met him. They say that Chester deserved to die and it just makes me want to punch them so bad. They say that suicide is a cowardly move. No matter what I tell them about Chester’s past with addiction and abuse, they won’t listen. And in addition to the hate towards Chester, they hate rap, pop, and rock. So now I’m not allowed to listen to Linkin Park at home without earbuds. And my earbuds broke last week. Linkin Park is the only thing that relieves my stress… sorry that was a mouthful. :confused:


Yeah!! :hugs: :hugs:

I feel you… :frowning: There is lots of stupidity around us… :no_mouth: but I’m glad you reached to us… we care for each other even if we don’t know the other in person… we all are important, we all deserve to be happy and if it’s not now, it’ll be forward… :muscle: :hugs:

It’s nothing sure for now… and if it’ll be like that, the band knows there’ll not be a substitute, but a change… and maybe that’s inevitable… you know they love him deeply, so they won’t do anything bad… :heart:


Yeah, brothers especially…

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Chester is keeping us alive! this is so amazing to hear!
BTW I came to think the last 2 years that it’s not just about making Chester proud, it’s making our family, our friends, our beloved ones that are also moved from this world proud. But I think the most important is to make ourselves proud! and do whatever we can to make ourselves proud and truly happy! :heart: