Something I Decided To Draw

18" x 24" pencil.
Total time: ~ 10 hours or less.

It was a project for my art class. We were asked to draw a portrait of anyone we wanted. So I chose Chester. :slight_smile:

My DA:

WOW! :slight_smile:

Sweetness!!! [smile]

very good!!!

Great work! :slight_smile:

That’s great, it looks so much like him. When I decided to draw Chester, my friend said it looked like my dad and it got SOOO awkward.

WOW You are very talented!!!

Love the drawing!!

That is incredible, you should show Chester one day :smiley:

Thanks you guys! I tried my best at it…
I think if (when) I get to attend a meet & greet, I’ll show Chester and have him sign it for me. :3

Your drawing look really, really nice :slight_smile:

really nice picture =)

I flippin LOVE THIS!!! You did such an amazing job! :slight_smile:

SO AMAZING !!! that should be included on a shirt or smth xDD

Really well done. Keep it up! [smile]