Some of my LP artwork :)

I am new to LPU but I have been a LP fan since 2005.

Since Iโ€™m new, I thought Iโ€™d let my fellow LPU members see some of my artwork :slight_smile: Enjoy! [biggrin]

Which oneโ€™s your favorite? :wink:

Go to my DeviantArt for more of my artwork :smiley:

wow you are awsome :smiley:

fantastic :)) You are very talented

Nicely done!

Looks great, love the skate board most !
Keep it up mate.

wow these are awesome :slight_smile:

wow this stuff is amazing
i saw the last wallpaper on deviant lol, i left a comment :smiley:

the drawings are cool but the mike one doesnt really have the same look mike face has in reality
thats a bit of a downer

/me takes pictures