Soad and lp on tour

I just have a feeling SOAD is going to tour or at least play a concert with Linkin Park sometime next year. Its just a feeling I have and a few clues here and there that mske me believe that. Like for the Hollywood Bowl concert the guy from Of Mice and Man showed up to during a song and to other few events like Warped tour. Then LP Anouced they were gonna tour with OfM&M. Now Daron from Soad collaborated with LP on Rebellion as we all know so he happened to
show up at the Hollywood Bowl concert as well. Later on they announced the kroq almost caustic xmas concert were lp and Soad will be playing the same night. I mean either bands havent Anouced any tour dates around July. LP hasn’t Anouced any hows in Los Angeles for th Hunting Party Tour which is coming soon for sure and SOAD seems to be getting ready for something close to a tour or at least more concert dates. Well if they dont tour together my other guess is that Soad might be headlining Mayhem Fest. Because if the dates in between that are left blank between their concerts for next year. And both bands seem to ge fetting along pretty well thus far…so Um well this might seem like a bunch of nonsense to many of you but I do happen to believe in mearicles lol so ki mean even if I was just going crazy wouldn’t it be cool to have both bands tour together? :slight_smile: