So we have the info on whats going on at Summit, but seems to just be FRIDAY

I wonder if anything else will be going on thursday??? Theres just that one clean up event that is RSVP. Nothing else planned for thursday, pretty much everything happens on friday it seems, so looks like thursday is kind of pointless as a summit day, maybe LPU members we can get together and explore the town, hang out, hit the club LOL, something since there is no summit events really on thursday at all. Wish they had more going on thursday, maybe something will be added later but as of now, which is pretty close, theres really not much on thursday, we might have to create something???

I’m up for a meet and greet with lpuers on thursday. I’ll be driving down and won’t get in until about 6ish but am good to go after! Can’t believe it’s only a week away!

My friend and I will be in Philly around 1:45…we want to do some sight seeing…never been to Philly…

Just wondering, but is there any time we should aim for to check in at the Hyatt? I know check in is at 3pm, so is this when most of you will be getting there? I don’t want to arrive too late and miss anything you guys decide to do on Thursday! (Well… minus hitting the bars, I’ve got another year of waiting for that!)

Yeah I would say meet around 3 at the hyatt on thursday, we can exchange some numbers for anyone mine is 240 988 9872 MIKE, always use my account on here is under my daughters name trinity, she will be there with me on friday but not thursday so Im down for checking out philly, bar, hanging out whatever. Super im sure you can get in to plenty of places down there just not drink yet. And we can meet up later too Steph email me your number, or post on here for everyone, and we can calll and meet up with you when you get in, angelique same thing, and anyone who wants to post there number so we can all call and meet up, but hyatt at 3pm works and we could meet up with others after when they get in by calling them.

My number is 519-817-5158. I will call or text someone when my friend and I get in to see whats going on or if we decide before then will just meet up with everyone.

Definitely up for this. My friends and I won’t be in NJ in time for the day 1 activities hence why we didn’t RSVP however would love to meet some LPUers!!! Not sure when we’ll be getting there. But possibly afternoon.

Yeah lpfmfan, meet us at the hyatt in the morning friday for breakfast at least and going over the summit together or if in on time THURSDAY, the plan is hang out and dinner and or after dinner activities meeting at the hyatt lobby at 6pm-630pm to give people time to check in and get there.

Would any of you happen to know if they are going to do a regular meet & greet for those of us who were unable to get a pass to the summit? There was an RSVP button when they first announced tour dates, but it has since been taken down.

Also, I’m from Philadelphia, so if anyone would like some suggestions on what to do/where to go if you have time to kill, I can suggest a few places to go.

No the summit is taking the place of the meet and greet as far as I know, wouldnt have time to do both from the schedule that they have.

Do you think there’s a possibility they will allow some non-summit LPU-ers into the meet & greet? I don’t understand why we were able to RSVP for it and then it was taken down, unless it was a mistake by whomever maintains the website.

I’m kinda bummed, on a ridiculous level, that I won’t have a chance to meet them. Get over it already, self!

Highly doubtful, the summit is an all day event, limited number of people, need the summit pass that we paid for, your ID etc. Just needed a different show for a MandGreet, the summit definitiely replaces that, no way could they do a MandG and the whole summit and play till 1130pm at night lol

Yeah, totally understandable. And as kind as the guys are, I’d feel awful if they were exhausted doing a 2nd meet & greet just for us poor folks who couldn’t afford the summit pass or the less basic LPU packages.

Hope you all have a great time at the summit and I think it’s great you’ll be helping to clean up the park in Camden. I’ve lived right across the water in Philadelphia my whole life and Camden has always been rough, but it’s taken a beating lately because of the economy. It’s great that you guys will be doing something to help bring it back to life.