Singapore Presale Code

Hi ,

I’ve yet to received the presale code for Mike Shinoda Concert in SG and the presale is tomorrow (June 5)

Can I check how can I receive?


Not the best person to ask, try contacting hq about it because I don’t think even the mods here would have control over it…check to see who is in charge of the presage
When they did the presage for the us oml tour they sucked terribly for the most part and people were having issues
Best of luck but you’ll find better answers trough the vendor/presale organizer or someone else :confused: I know at least no one here on the forums has any control over that side of things… again wishing you the best!

Thank you for the advise :slight_smile:

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Pre sale codes are under manage account in your profile. But they are for LPU members, your profile state that you aren’t one (which could be a glitch), so just have a look there.

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See told you I wasn’t the best person to ask :yum:

So im having the same issue … im an lpu member but theres no code there … does anyone know how to go about this ?

Try sending a tweet to Lorenzo, he might be able to sort it out for you.

I’m having the same issue. I’m an LPU member also…

EDIT: I’ve just seen code will be send out 4th of June. It’s only just hit the 4th over in the States maybe wait a little longer!

Same here, just renewed to LPU17, I still don’t see the code. Hoping it just the time differences.

For those of you wondering :slightly_smiling_face:


Codes are up guys :smiley:


Hi do I have to pay to be a LPU member? I have signed up and don’t see any code under my profile, can someone pls help? :frowning:

Hi , yes you have to pay to be the digital member in order to get the presale code

You have to go under account settings and it should be there!

I having the same issue too