Signed Items for M&G

So I got into the meet & greet for friday. I wanted to bring my sketchbook that has a drawing of each LP member on different pages. Do you think they’ll let me do this? Or is it considered having “more than one item” signed if I flip through the pages so each member can sign their own drawing? I might just end up doing one big drawing. I just thought my sketchbook would be easier to carry throughout the show.

no. This should be okey i guess. You still only have one item. If you had more then 1 sketchbook, then it would not be okey. But since you have only 1 i think its fine :slight_smile:

Good luck with the m&g… have fun :slight_smile:

I interpreted it as they will only sign once, eg you can’t ask Chester to sign 4 things, only 1. If I have photos of each of them it would be the same situation…and I would think that too would be okay.

I honestly would have them all sign one of all them. I think it would look cool to have one picture signed by them all.

Yes I’m pretty sure they’ll let you do this… as long as you flip the pages quickly lol the whole point of the one item policy is to give everyone the same amount of time with the band… sometimes having more than one item takes longer so other lpu’ers are rushed

have fun at the show!

I agree it would be cool to have all signatures on one photo, but you should be fine to have them sign separate pages. Just have them bookmarked for easy flipping! Otherwise they will just start signing and not realize you were going to change the page. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks guys! I agree that having them sign one picture would look cooler. I just didn’t want to have to carry a big piece of paper during the show. It’s not a big deal though so I’ll think about it.

They will do it like that! I did that and they each signed their own page and I’m glad I got a pic of each signing his page cuz some of their autographs are very hard to read!!