Sidewave sydney meet and greet


Hey guys!,
just wondering who attended the Sydney Sidewave M&G on the 26/2/13, and was wondering if you guys could just add us as a friend, it would be awesome remembering all of you guys who saw the lads with me!

i remember heaps of you guys but it would be sick if we were friends on the LPU :smiley:



It would be great if the other members who attended the Sydney M&G responded, would love to see if anyone has photos from the night [wink]


I was there, and I have a few photos…will add to my to do list


Would be great to see your photos when you have time to post :slight_smile:


Was there :slight_smile:

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Hi Nikki just came across this old post about the meet and meet. Hope you are doing ok? Wondered if you ever came across your photos from the event? Cheers



I am sorry it took me so long to respond, life has been crazy. I hope you are well. I find your timing interesting as I just realized a day or two before your message that I stated I would share some photos. Unfortunately, my photos are a story that probably isn’t worth your time. I have family visiting this week from across the country. I will see what I can find once they leave. Be well! Nikki


Wow that timing is very interesting Nikki, especially after all these years!!
Would still love to see your pictures whenever you have time, have a nice time with your family. Take care, Renae x


Hello Renae, I hope you are well. I was not able to locate any backstage photos, sorry about that. I have found photos of my trip to AUS, which was great to look at. I also located photos from the concert, but nothing for the meet and greet. Sorry about that. What about you? Do you have any? Cheers. Nikki


Hi Charlie! I was there…great memories!


Sorry to hear that Nikki :frowning:️ But pleased you could reminisce about your trip!

Always thought it was a shame they never released the footage filmed that night.
I do have some photos on a Facebook album, quality isn’t great without the flash but they are a lovely memory of an amazing night! If you like I am happy to add you? Too many to post on here.
Thanks again for looking for your photos especially all these years later, Renae


Hi Renae,

I hope you are well. I would love to see what you have, if you don’t mind. I am on FB as Nikki Mizerek.

I was able to to the Chester tribute show at the Bowl in October, it was an amazing experience!

Anything interesting happening with you?

Have a fantastic day!

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Hi Nikki

It must have been amazing to attend the tribute show! I can’t even imagine the emotions that night, it was emotional enough watching via the I internet.

Can you show me your current profile photo on Facebook? Just want to make sure I have the right person before adding :grinning:

Loving Mike’s new singles, what a talented man!