Show in Rybnik, Poland last night!

I was at their show yesterday and it was awesome! It was my second show. A first one with M&G.
I had a LPU EE so I was just behind the barricades, but after the first support act I had to go out of the crowd because of M&G. I had a really good place, so it was my first and last M&G - only LPU EE on the next shows!
I didn’t saw the second support act because of waiting over a hour for a M&G. Mm&G was short and fast, but good and a bit funny :smiley: I told Rob that he’s amazing drummer and I want to be like him and asked Mike to play first verse of APFMH over the bridge of BIO - unfortunately he didn’t ;/ can’t wait for photos from the M&G, on group photo I was sitting next to Chester!

And finally Linkin Park’s show. I was so excited. I changed my place a few times, I was somewhere in the half of GC… I was jumping, singing and enjoying the show as hell! I heard that we were SO LOUD. I’ve seen some videos from LP and Anna’s snap chat and I’m surprised - I knew that we were loud, but that loud?

And the best comment I’ve seen on twitter:

Some photos:

(sorry for my face)

And some tweets I’ve seen :smiley: (I love when people from other countries likes the show)


Forgot about this:
Lorenzo took a photo before M&G and it was on snapchat :smile:

@EvoOba Were you in Poland?)

Looks amazing!! What a concert! Seen a few videos from last night - I really liked Mikes reaction on your “Welcome” flashmob.)

@KristinaUK No I wasn’t there. Unfortunately I couldn’t do any shows this time… I was just catching up from Anna’s snapchats. It looked amazing!

The best show I’ve been to! I also had M&G and meeting the Band was amaizing! I still smile widely when I think of it! Hope to see LP concert very soon! :slight_smile:

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For me EE didn’t end well, but the show was great. Amazing, it was the best concert in my life (and I saw few…). God, thank you for good music <3

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