Shoreline tomorrow!

STOKED – First time for LP and in 13th row – arrgggghhhhh!!!1

lucky I am stuck in 202

Its going to be awesome! Since im going up north, a stop at pinkberry is a must, so all together it will be an amazing day lol.

I’ll be there too! Have fun everyone! :slight_smile:

See everyone there! Any tips on how to get out of Mountain View? Crazy how Caltrain stops at 11 on a Friday night in such a large populated area

16 hour Amtrak ride from Oregon to see this show, waiting at my hotel right now then a cab 2 miles to epicness. SEE EVERYONE THERE!!!


Man it was awesome.
Been buzzing from it all weekend now back to work–yawn. Great setlist–thanks LP for putting the pedal to the metal the whole show!!
Traffic sucked so missed almost half of Incubus which was a bummer but LP made it more than worth it.