Shinoda in Germany!

I just clicked on it, and there is a place there that says enter password/code

in German it says ‘Code eingeben’

Hmm. I only get the event information and that the official presale will start on friday…

Weird. This is what I see. If you go to the website and search for it you won’t find it, you have to click directly on the link

Got my tickets😍


Ich glaube die Mehrheit hier versteht deutsch :smiley:
Bei mir sieht dein Link leider so aus:

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Ich komme auf die richtige Vorverkaufsseite aber habe keinen Code unter meinem Profilbild!..ich könnte heulen! Kann jemand helfen?

Hey guys, it’s great to see that there’s finally an appointment for Germany. Unfortunately, I live near Berlin and are still looking for an accompaniment. Does anyone from the Berlin / Brandenburg area have any interest in accompanying me?

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lol sorry, I don’t speak German @lucag ! I live in a different continent completely but I kind of get how the presale works! But I did use google translate for your reply!

Here is the link direct to the LPU presale page:

click on the word ‘here’

Good Luck and keep us updated on whether it works or not!

How early do you have to be there to get a good place? About to row 10? 2 hours, 3 hours I have no clue …
I also read that People who got M&G get in front?

@Mitchell_24887 I am going by myself from Denmark! Would love to catch up with fans in the queue :slight_smile:

I think 3 or 4 Hours is ok og you just want Before row 10… not sure though! I am getting there early just in case :slight_smile:

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I’m also going! :slight_smile: excited to see you guys :slight_smile:

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What time are people planing to queue from… is it like over night ?? :grin:

I hope not, I cant be there that early :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I guess many people that are going have to work/go to school that day or come from other cities.
I think Ill be there around midday and see whats going on already.


True! But I just feel like there are always people who show up in very good time :joy:
Wonder when we’ll hear about m&g!!

Just got my ticket!

So happy there’s a show here. Cologne is about one hour away.


I think overnight isnt possible there… lucky for us :wink:

I also try to get there about midday

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Do you have yout ticket yet?

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I got mine yesterday

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