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I loved the “glitch” portraits the band did of themselves for the Thousand Suns promo art, that I photoshopped one of my own

and another for my friend Ashley

Did you make a glitch portrait too?
I want to see how they all came out, because I know none of them I’ll be the same, and that’s the most fun part about them.

never D;

rolls away

I made one as well when “TTS” cames out.

Nice meike! I loving the headphones you included. Awesome!

Looks cool!
i made one long time ago [smile] but its on my old PC.
maybe some RGB effect may let it looks a bit crazy ^_^.

Yeah, I think you’re right 28th, they need something. I’m probably going to add the cmyk lines and whatnot that they have on the current portraits soon. I’ll repost when I do.