Share Your Metaphysical Signs Related to Chester (Miracles, Etc)


Hey soldiers! So I am very fascinated by signs from the universe: synchronicities, miracles, dreams, and the possibility of spirits - especially when it relates to Chester. For this thread, I’m encouraging you to share any experiences you think could be signs from or related to Chester’s spirit :pray::innocent:

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT looking to debate about the existence of Chester’s spirit, miracles, the afterlife, etc. I am NOT looking for advice and I will not give unsolicited advice.
Unsolicited will be ignored.

What I am doing here is holding a comfortable space for people to share their experiences without feeling judged. I like to keep an open mind. Plus, sharing with people who are truly interested and witnessing others share such experiences is comforting.

Here are a few of my experiences:
:heart: Just the other day I ordered two LP shirts and when I got to the gym later, Burn It Down was playing on their stereo
:heart: I love when I glance at the clock and it’s exactly 3:20
:heart: I’ve had many dreams with Chester in it
:heart: Last summer I was driving in this town I’ve never been to before. I was thinking of Chester and something told me he’s going to give me a sign, but I shrugged it off thinking that can’t happen especially in such a random area. Well when I arrived at my destination, I looked to my right and there was this changeable letter sign in front of a church that said “RIP Chester Bennington” That shook me but that was also comforting.

Looking forward to reading your shares :heart:


Nice thread. Shortly after Chester passed away I was still dealing with the feeling of loss. So I started playing some LP songs on piano and exactly at that moment the clouds disappeared and the sun came through. I don’t think much of it but it was a nice moment


@rickvanmeijel that sounds so beautiful, thank you for sharing :hearts:


Metaphysical signs to do with Chester I’d leave to his family and close friends…

But after I watched the new ‘Cross Off’ video, I thought to myself that in July 2019 they would say that Chester hadn’t died but needed some time to recover. (The calendar in the video shows July 2019, a man in black defeats in a fight with an invisible enemy but a man in white goes out of a car boot as it was a kind of resurraction).

Wishful thinking…


I sang ‘Numb’ to get into my middle school’s upper choir about two months before he passed away. August rolls around and I find out that I’m in the upper choir. This year (on Wednesday, also Chester’s birthday) I’m having another choir audition for a high school upper show choir. Hoping since I got in the first time with ‘Numb’ I’m going to sing it again to get luck on my side this time around.

Will update on Friday when the class choir lists comes out.


One of my “low mood” day, i was at the supermarket for buying a bottle of wine (one of my bad habit: drinking when i’m not feeling good). And when i was at the checkout, the radio broadcasted a LinkinPark song. It never happened before. This evening i didn’t drink that much, it helped me.


Wow…Verrreeee deep & a tad freaky. I’m always wondering the same, like when ur thinking of someone or something and like all of a sudden a song, a sign, a phone call happens and it related to the person/thing u were just thinking about. I’ve never believed in spirits, ghosts, the paranormal, etc etc, BUT it does make ya think when what I just said up above happens. I think like 99.9999% of people will say it’s just a “coincidence”. Today for example, I get into my car to head to work and I get like a good distance away from home so I couldn’t turn around and go back cause I’d be late. So as I’m driving, I realized that I switched cars the day before and forgot to bring my LP cd’s with me and I’m like “SHIT…!!” when I realized that. Sooooo, I put on the XM satellite radio and the DJ says “we had a request from so & so (don’t recall the name) asking to play some LP “ and on went 2 songs ( Numb & In The End )…nuff said…Peace…Mark (NY)…


Last week in Austria I had a crisis. I went to bed pretty anxious, woke up even more anxious and within an hour I was crying, feeling worthless and all that… I started listening to my LP playlist and doing sudoku. When we went skiing I put in earphones and continued listening to LP. My husband asked if it wouldn’t be better for me to listen to my dance playlist. I really wanted to listen to LP, but thought he might be right, so I switched to my dance playlist. When we got to the first break, we were sitting in this restaurant. Everyone was talking and I was just listening to the German songs on the radio from the restaurant. And there it came: Heavy :pray:t2:
I was listening to the song, started smiling and joined the conversation. Afterwards I already felt lot better! By lunch time my crisis was over and I was just anxious and tense :blush:


His favorite colour :heart::blush:


How far from home are you?

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I’m only 282km from home now, almost there :smiley:


Thank you all for your sharing your experiences! It’s really uplifting for me to read. You’re always welcome to keep sharing :heart::slightly_smiling_face: Would love to hear more especially during his birthday week!

@shield_girl That’s lovely. You are fortunate to have the singing gift. I hope you get in too. Good luck!
@Lilyope Wow what a significant time to hear a LP song! I’m glad that it helped you. Thank you for your share!
@mdan9mm Wonderful! Love the timing when that occurred!
@birdy1989 Aww that must have been so comforting when Heavy came on. I’m sorry to hear you had a crisis. I feel for you because I’ve had them too. I’m glad you’re hanging in there. I’ve seen you on the app and I appreciate how you hold space for others. Also, that rainbow photo :open_mouth: :rainbow: :heart:
@anomalia Interesting observation :thinking: thank you for your share


Once I was at a supermarket, I didn’t want to take out my headphones but had no choice. I took it off, and the music in the market was exactly the same I was listening to (I think it was Numb). That was those times I always needed to be inside a “bubble”, my special music bubble, and for the first time I felt so good even without headphones.

Also, yesterday I was dressed with a LP tee-shirt and a “#320 I am the change” on my arm. Weather was so bad at the begining of the week, I told myself “I"m gonna be coooooold”. I went outside : SUN was so warm. Idk, sometimes there’s sun but it’s cold, and yesterday there was sun but it was warm :sunglasses:
And I didn’t change my clothes today (wasn’t home [trying to have excuses]), and weather is so cool ! I’m never gonna take those clothes off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool…very cool…that’s sum freaky shit, that you took off the headphones and the SAME song was playing…!!..Gotsta be our main man CB up above…!!!


We had a performance in school. It was planned for 17 Jun '18 but got postponed to 20 Jun. 20 Jun morning, my Ring and Middle finger of my left hand started bleeding. The performance was a medley of Castle of Glass and One More Light. The whole of the next week, I’ve been telling people (a Joke obviously) that Chester has been incarnated into my left arm. (my fingers started bleeding because I was doing crazy barre chord slides in place of the power chord slides that Delson does in Castle Of Glass.


Welcome to the forums @rishirockzz :blush: :pray:t2:


Just a little update from me, we won’t find out who is in choir until the 9th of April. When I was singing “Numb”, my teacher smiled and was writing on her notebook. I think it’s a good sign. I’ll update when the list comes out.

I want to thank all of you guys for sharing your stories. I hope you all are having a good day.


Last year I went to a concert in my home town in Germany. “The Topper”, a Swedish Band, playing Old School Punk Rock. Unfortunately there wasn’t a big audience. Nonetheless they had really fun playing for us. I loved their Sweat Drenched rock ‘n’ roll punk rock that carries the legacy of bands like The Clash and Still Little Fingers (from their page). And I am now in the age, where I don’t care, what strangers think of me. So I jumped and danced like a maniac. Cause I am still in that age, where I can hold this up the whole time. I wore a jacket and underneath a Linkin Park Tee.
Except for me only one other guy danced.
After the show, the lead singer thanked the crowed and said: “Thank you to the guy in the black Shirt and thank you to Linkin Park!”
I needed quite a moment to realize, that he ment me.
He called me Linkin Park!
Made my day.
My week.
Still happy about it!


I wish u the best of luck, although I absolutely have no idea what ur talking about…lol…but, just from reading ur post, You will get chosen, and you WILL KICK ASS…!!!..


Welcome soldier…!!!..I’m pretty new here myself, but I gotsta say that EVERYONE here is sooooo nice, down to earth, and VERY SUPPORTIVE, for like, ANY issues you may have, not saying u have any…!!…just saying that u can “talk” to fellow LP Soldiers here if needed…
Other than that…Welcome…!!