Serj Tankian - Reconstructive Demonstrations

Hi all! I think you know Serj Tankian :slight_smile: but do you know about his solo career (especially for the Imperfect Harmonies album)? I want to ask you what do you think about this album ^^

Ah, can you describe the song Reconstructive Demonstrations? Personally, it is my favourite Serj’s song :slight_smile: but I cannot know the sense of the song…can you describe? Tjanks :smiley:

hi i dont know any albums of serj :smiley: i just know a few songs like empty walls, baby, and sky is over :smiley: these are my favourite :smiley: i love system of a down and serjs voice is really awesome;)

I don’t know every song, but I am a huge fan of SOAD… My favourite Serj Tankian song is Empty Walls.

For “Elect the Dead” I love Empty Walls too but Feed Us and the bonus track Falling Stars are wonderful :slight_smile:

i only heard of his first cd, that could be the one ur talking about but im not sure… i heard only i think 2 songs… but i like empty walls. i like ow it starts off. although the song is a lil bit weird… but then again… soad had some weird songs :3

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