Before I go to sleep
I’ll plead for someone
to be just like me

Before I go to sleep
I will feed and spread disease
on empty wasted beings
tell myself it wasn’t me
though id be lying

Pleasure manufactures seeds
to plant and sew
like sheep
they follow me
into the night
come out the other side
as trees
that I call mine

Evidence of a twisted mind
hidden inside
the hollow tree
I believed was mine
hidden inside
months pass
the trees bloomed
The fruit divine?

If you take the time
to sew the seed
does the tree remain yours
does the ground take it back?
when you plant it
you give it over the wilderness
To the birds and the bees
you cannot own these things

You should also know stupid
that hormones turn seeds to trees
far too quickly
the end result
bears sickly inedible fruit
the branches become deformed and weak

you were followed
because you were dangerous
not because you had sheep
nobody loved you
actions borne of fear
contain no loyalty or contract
tis ludicrous to believe fear spawns true love!

So before you go to sleep
get on your knees and plead
that nobody will be
just like you
for the disease you spread
may just begin to infect you.

the blackened sun
from which I run
hardened my branches as well as burnt them.