See Linkin Park in LA as Part of X Games!

Are you guys planning on going? I am and i am freaking exited to see them live again since HOB! i really hope to get some tickets woo! and the next day im going to Mayhem Fest in San Bernardino( Just Saying lol ) i’m also exited to see Slpiknot for the first time too, This is definitely going to be a busy week :slight_smile: Are any of you going to see LP at JKL on the 27th i believe? or to the Living Things Concert Event on monday? where? im going to Universal City Walk :smiley: hope to see some of you guys there :slight_smile: GOOD LUCK AND HOPEFULLY WE ALL GET TICKETS TOMORROW for Xgames :smiley:

Hopefully I’ll be able to snag a pair of tickets to the X-Games show. Club Nokia is a great venue, I’ve been there before; and it’s so small that you’re practically seeing the band front row no matter where you are, haha.
Don’t know if I can make it to the movie, though.

Ah man ah man, I’ve been trying to get tickets for this since it was announced weeks ago! I entered all the contests xgames announced (read as: only one through 98.7fm) and I haven’t clue if I won those, and I’m praying that I can get them tomorrow! Got all kinds of alarms ready. xD
I’m hoping I can go see the movie in Norwalk, it’s closer to where I am, just figuring out a lot to see if it can work out…

I hit buy as soon as it popped up right at 10 and was instantly told it was sold out, fucking bullshit.

EXACTLY!!! there is no way in hell it could sell out that fast!!![quote=farva2]I hit buy as soon as it popped up right at 10 and was instantly told it was sold out, fucking bullshit.[/quote]

Sold out instantly. I wasn’t fast enough :frowning:

I was lucky enough to snag my tickets right at 9:59 / 10

This freaking BLOWS!!! at 958am it was sold out.

:confused: iwanted to go

Did the same thing to me… really bummed!

Makes me wonder how many “Limited Tickets” there really were!!

I hit the button the second it turned to buy tickets and was instantly told it was sold out…how can that be? Something is not right with this- where did the tickets go before we were even give the opportunity to buy them?

I ended up getting 1 ticket. I selected 2… and it only says quantity 1. What does that mean? Can I still bring my guest?

I thought the same thing! Oh wELL :confused:

I refreshed the page at exactly 10 am (i was counting down the seconds from 9:59), selected 2 tickets & right when I clicked “Add to cart” it said sold out. Luckily my friend was able to get them, so for anyone else who got them I’LL SEE YOU THERE!! :smiley:

Oh MAAAAAAN they sold out Right away! how many is Very Limited then? feww100? less than 100?

I was sooo lucky to get my tickets to this! Im so sorry to everyone who couldn’t get theirs! It says i got my ticket at 10:00.45. This will be my eight time seeing them but my best seats ever by far! I got to drive up from Sacramento but its worth it!!!

U so lucky! Have fun :slight_smile:

Im in 2different accounts, My friens is in another one, and we couldn’t get one! :C

oh well at least i still get to see them in Set 8th for sure :slight_smile: