Saying a song without saying the title

The rules are simple:

-Any artist (preferably Linkin Park, Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise.)
-Leave some clues. (Like the album, the duration, etc.)
-You must use related words with the title of the song you want to say.
-You can use links to do more interesting.
-Who guess first choice the next song.
-You can tag someone to continue with game.

Rules added after some questions:
-In case the clues don’t help, you can make questions to help.
-guess limit: 5. In case no-one guess, the soldier must give more clues. If in the second time nobody guess, the poster must say the answer and put a new song.

  • The answer counts as one, even if the answer be the same.

For example:
This song from MTM.

I left my Facebook’s session opened in the house of my girlfriend. (What I try/want to say.)

The answer is:
The little things give you away.

Any question, let me know.
PD: I’m bad writing titles :confused:

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I’m the first:

Song of 2003 (Clue)

My ex.

Don 't stay?

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Q: the players can make questions to resolve the game? @ironsoldier16

Sorry, no. But you’re close.

Yes. In case the clues don’t help, they can do it.

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It’s “numb”??

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Jajaja yes!

Your turn!

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Moment…i have to think somenthing…not prepared for be the next! :crazy_face:

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Ok. Take your time.

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Got it! :crazy_face:

Song of 2012

Floating memories…

( @ironsoldier16 if you want to tell me advice/correct me feel free to do it)

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Darker than blood?

(I’ll take in mind.)

Sorry,but wrong…

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Do you want to play?
You can tag someone else if you want.

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Burning In The Skies

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Sorry,but you’re wrong too…

I’m here! Castle of glass?

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Castle of Glass…

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@ironsoldier16 what’s the guess limit?

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Both of you are very close to.the solution!but it’s not that! :sweat_smile: