Roundhouse March 10th London

Me too! From which airport are you coming in?

Hey everyone!
A friend of mine is still searching for a ticket, so if you can’t go or have a spare ticket or know someone who is selling a ticket - hit me up!

If you send me your email then I can reply etc and we sort it out.

Great, it is - thanks

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You still got the ticket

I should be able to let you know Sunday latest

Hiya plz can i join the meet up :blush:

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Sent you an email

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Yep, I am there! Looking forward to it, and Sunday!!

Look forward to see everyone tomorrow!!

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Looks like I am gonna have to pass on the spare ticket

(Wasnt an easy choice to make and most likely one i’ll regret)

But I could be moving out of London anytime from the first week of March so hope you have a secondary person lined up

Sorry dude/dudette

Is the ticket still available as my mate is looking for one?

Hey yes it’s still available😊

Can you save it for her please and I’ll let her know to come on here?

Ok I’ll save them. It’s a standing ticket😊

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Thank you!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Hey im the friend :blush: I’d love to have the ticket!

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So for the ticket it is £40 which was how much was paid for it. Are you on insta or WhatsApp? It is one standing ticket. I’m going with my cousin and his girlfriend but your more than welcome to join us if your going on your own

Awesome, i’m matiekiller22 on insta and Luthien_22 on Twitter, can chat on either of those. Thanks thats lovely of you I already have friends going but would be great to meet up anyway!

Be happy I couldnt get the ticket…

Has everybody’s tickets arrived yet? Mine still isn’t here :confounded: