Roundhouse March 10th London

~8h in the freezing cold, the wind was blasting us all day, it rained multiple times and we had hail twice.

8 hours? What that necessary in order to be in the front? The weather is a pity though :joy:

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Got the fever and bad cold… thanks so much roundhouse…they opened the doors also late keeping us outside more time under the cold rain / snow!!! Great show and amazing setlist!!!

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There were already 45 people when I got there at 10:45. Even though we had fast track (thanks, @evooba) we still ended up waiting outside because it was all a bit of a shambles with the organisation, to the point where the number system for lining up was actually designed by the fans. I got there and @alz89 said I needed to get a number and that I should speak the the person writing them on people’s hands. I find the guy, ask him about fast track, he seems to not know much, but points me to the fast track people already there and they fill me in.

I was a little confused as to why an employee of the venue could know that little about the night’s event. It was only a few hours later that I found out the guy was just a fan in the queue helping the rest of us out. :joy: There were no employees around, so hats off to the guy with the pen (I don’t think I ever got his name).

Yeah, a lot of people did :confused:. I got lucky and only woke up with a blocked nose that cleared up in a couple of hours.

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That’s not very pleasant. Sounds like the organisation was a bit amateurish. I hope things will be done more effienctly in Amsterdam :sweat_smile:


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*Very British.

Though apparently we got it better than Berlin, which I find odd.

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Even the security guard in the venue didn’t really know what was up. It was confusing but thankfully, LP fans are always nice. Nobody bypassed anyone in the queue, it was just a bit brutal waiting because of the bad weather.

I also found out that during RFMS a fan fell down about where Mike went down to the crowd. There is a video where Mike asks Ed to help the girl instead of holding him up the barricade, then you can see Ed go in the pit and Mike follow him after he finished the verse to check on her. It was pretty sweet!

Major props to all LP staff by the way. They spent quite some time going up and down the people in the front row asking us if we were ok, if we needed anything and engaging in conversation.


And the people at the help desk. LMAO :joy:

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the fans are always correct, the problem was that they let the first like 100 people get in and left the others outside when the rain was pouring mixed with snow. they delayed the door opening inside also if they knew that the queue was very very long. i was really disappointed to see people in guestlist get their ticket/pass and get in also if the queue inside was already full.! there was a lady complaining about it.


We were packed inside as well, we were actually feeling sorry for you guys since the rain picked up as well.

Yeah I got that on video asked about helping the fan! mike was so nice and caring!


I’ve just watched the whole gig back and feel so privileged to have been there. Hollywood was an absolute impossibility so this was the next best thing I could have asked for and the set list was a huge bonus!! I wonder what the future holds and when we’ll see him or LP again? #madechesterproud

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Nobody fell down during RFMS. I was standing next to where Mike stood and there was a girl on the wheelchair and the crowd was pushing her onto the barriers and he called the security. We formed like a human chain to push the crowd back to save the girl as security couldn’t do anything about it.

Last 2 minutes or so.
I moved like 2 meters when he came close.

Yes, exactly, no one pushed anyone. I was just beside that girl. After the song ended, Mike came down to her and made sure she was okay and didn’t leave until she said she was. Such a great guy!

Also, the doors were supposed to open at 7pm, but they let some people earlier than that at 6.30. Can’t control the weather, so not going to complain. But the 8h wait was absolutely worth it even if I got sick for 3 days afterwards. :smiley:


Good review from the show! (with great photos)


Thank you!

Wish I could say the same. I was 81 in the queue. Arrived just after 12 but by the time the doors opened there must have been about 200 people in front of me. It really annoyed me. Some people were writing low numbers on their hands after arriving 1 hour before they opened the doors then joined the queue with no one questioning them. My 14 year old was devastated.

A fan didn’t fall during rfms. It was a lady in a wheelchair. When everyone started the mosh pit everyone pushed to the front. He was worried about her. Mike is amazing like that.