Rock Am Ring 2012!

LP confirmed for RAR 2012!!!
Who’s going?
Who’s excited?
I WANNA GO!! Someone gimme credit card!
Thanks [biggrin]

im coming :smiley: i really wanna come

Woops it’s been posted like 20 times before xD Sorry

I’ve already reserved my tickets, i have just to wait for buying theeeeem!!!
Who’s excited? Me of courseeeeeee!!! __

Any other festival dates due 2012?

hey-ho-let’s go! :3

I wish I could go [mrgreen][mrgreen][mrgreen]

[quote=DennisT239]Any other festival dates due 2012?

im coming all the way from norway for this!!

yeahhhh [biggrin] I’m sooo excited!!!
I hope that I’ll be able to attend it :slight_smile:

Whoa whoa whoa, back up there lol. I need to see some proof! xD. If it is true then I might just fly out to see this :D. I think the last time LP performed at Rock Am Ring was in 2004.

For me it depends on the ability to purchase the ticket by finding a credit card to pay it with… (I won’t stop saying this until I have my ticket lol)

Where is Rock Am Ring? Because if it’s close, I’m totally going.

Oh! This is the time when I hate living in Brazil… LP almost don’t come here D:

COME TO BRAZIL AGAIN! _______________________

So excited to hear what other dates they’ll be playing. If this is the nearest to me then I’ll be going to it.

I think they attend more shows soon, hopefully.

I won’t go to RAR but I will definitely watch it on TV! :smiley: Very excited and hope that more dates will be announced soon!! :smiley:

I wish I could go, but it’s too expensive to go to Germany from Norway this year :stuck_out_tongue: I was in Leipzig in June (to see LP) but I can’t afford it this year :frowning: So I just wait until they are announcing a show closer to me (I hope) :wink:

i don’t know, maybe i go, i will decide it when i know the other dates :slight_smile: