Rob Bourdon video


No idea where to put it, but I made a video. Rob :heart:


One thing I have always thought was funny. No matter how the years go on and he gets older. He still looks like a kid lol.

I love seeing videos like this.


Oh yeah he does look like a kid. I like him. And his glasses. And he is very awesome


Thanks to him I want to learn how to play the drum. Someday I will do. Nice video.


I like this video so much! Good job @rorymcgarrett ! :smile: celebrating our Rob! :heart_eyes:

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He is so amazing have so much talent

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he is so underrated


Linkin park is have a one time event on October 27 in Hollywood ca. Is
anyone going


I wish I could! But it’s literally 3 days before my trip to New Zealand and it’s too late to get visa on time :frowning: I am super sad I can’t go.


I think he is the nicest member of the band. Talented musician.

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I what to go so bad but i don’t know if i get the time off of work i hope it on my day off I’ll go on Thursday afternoon and stay until Friday


I’m in London, UK, Europe. Too far and I’m broke :frowning:


he is very mysterious. Nobody knows a thing about him.

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He’s not so much mysterious but private, I like people who stay private about most things.


will you be using your presale code? i didnt get mine


That sucks. I got mine but not gonna use it


are they transferable?


No, but they can’t really tell who is using the code, can they? I gave mine away already.


I love this guy :heart_eyes:. Thanks for posting it @rorymcgarrett this vid made me smile. :hugs:

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With a code, there’s a ticket link. You can access to one of them, use the code BUT make the purchase with your own credit card, so when they ask you for an ID, you will appear as the owner of the credit card.

On topic: I need more videos like this, everyday! Makes me remind those day of fangirling. Haha!