RIP & Condolences to band mates & Family

So very sorry that Chester chose to end his life and now we all have to suffer from the loss of a father, friend, husband, son, brother, idol, and everything else he was. I know that I might get some hate for this but suicide is the cowardly, selfish way of dealing with life’s pain. There are always people that have a worse situation and they keep going. I know it’s all relative but that is not an excuse to take the easy way out. There are so many different options for help and I so bady wish Chester had taken that road instead. Grief is now our connection to him. Sadly and selfishly I was going to meet the band in Houston, and now I am not. I am angry and hurt that that was taken from me so I cant even imagine what those close to him are feeling. Actually I can, I lost my mother when she was too young, and I know what she has missed out on, and what I have missed out on as a result.
I’m so sorry for our loss…I hope Chester is finally at peace.


This. Wasn’t a move that needed to be made.

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You cant say that, we didnt exactly know his personal life and feelings

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Suicide is never a sensible option. But I now’s not the time to argue.

RIP to one of the most beautiful people of the whole world. To the singer who had a demonic but angelic voice that had an impact on many.


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Can’t believe what I’m reading!! It’s been an amazing ride since the hybrid theory days!!! I feel very priveledged to have seen the band play twice, the latest being Birmingham only a couple of weeks ago. I grabbed the opportunity to shout I loved him from the crowd during crawling and he looked right back and smiled… I will never forget that!!! Thank you lp for everything you’ve done. Condolences to the rest of the band, friends and family and fellow lpu members… who cares if one more light goes out, I do!!!


Because we were not listening?!? Because he was famous?!? You think it’s OK in his case?!? He’s talked about it lyricly and othwise for years! SOMEONE knew if not us.
I’m very closely connected to the psychological aspects of the demons he dealt with professionally and personally and suicide IS NEVER the answer. It hurts EVERYONE else and causes nothing but pain for what is left behind. But NOW is not the time because… No lets ignore the HONESTY in SUICIDE because it’s politically correct and in doing so we make it GLAMOROUS and next thing we know “I won’t be ignored” causes a bunch of disillusioned copycats do the same thing to “let me leave behind some reasons to be missed & leave out all the rest”

Just like his good buddy Chris on his birthday- Chester’s birthday present to him. Wow thanks but no thanks - not a present ANYONE who is sane wants.

Suicide is never the option but you won’t ever understand what is going on inside of his head.
You can’t say its something coward because it takes a lot of courage to do what he did. I just hope his mind is finally at ease. I pray for his family, for his bandmates, for his team, for his friends and for all of the fans who, like me, feel this as the death of a close friend.
I pray that none of you ever get to this point because there are other exits… May his soul rest in peace.

“Don’t resent me and when you’re feeling empty keep me in your memory”.

YOU are part of the problem if you believe that! It takes COURAGE to LIVE through pain. Courage to say what I have said. Only cowards can’t see that.

Please look up LOGIC (the rapper) or 1-800-273-8255 and see if they believe suicide takes courage???

im not saying it doesnt takes courage to live through pain because that shit is tough but dude, you must feel really really fucked up to take that decision, thats all im saying, and we will never understand because we choose to fight life

Listen to;
Logic 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid

And please don’t encourage anybody else to be “courageous” in your eyes.

I’m sorry you don’t like my opinion or the facts and educated doctors and other experts that support it but thankfully there are also plenty of people that KNOW about how it feels to think there is no other way way out, then find out that there is. Courage is in defeating or at least finding peace with your demons and becoming stronger then paying it forward. I am devastated by the loss, of my favorite band’s lead singer but also angry at the lack of consideration for the fallout & consequences of his actions that especially affect his children in their lives. He is supposed to be a father that is an obligation not a choice once they arrive. His bandmates their families and their futures. If that is what you think takes courage perhaps you should ask them all what they think?!?

You’ll always be remembered Chester! :cry:

You’ve saved me Chester. Thank you for all - You’ve became important part of my life…

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I’m all for freedom of speech as long as it’s civil, which this has been, but this really isn’t the time to tear Chester up on his obviously bad decision. I am closing this for now.

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