Rip Chris Cornell lets talk about him a bit


Ok I feel like I gotta say something really bad about Chris Cornell idk if I should I don’t want people mad


It is your choice, what you are saying my dear @LPlover92 .
But when you know , that it could might hurt some feelings then I recommend you, not to say it Or try to say it in a way that others might not be offended.
We are all hurt about the loss of Chester and Chris and the circumstances …


Actually the song was written before Chris passed, it was just dedicated to him afterwards. You should speak your mind as to what you feel is bad, everyone has flaws but unfortunately people become easily offended over things that they may not see.


I miss both Chris and Chester. They were in my opinion, two of the most influential singers in music, having been responsible for albums that changed the face of rock music forever. I wish they were still around but there is nothing you can do about it :frowning:

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At least we have the music we remember them by.


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It’s me I need to do this to let go and get things out I’m going to write Chris a letter so here it goes
Dear Chris
It’s me I’m not so much a fan of your music sorry but anyway I admire your heart and soul you were close to Chester so close and I think that’s beautiful you had a bond even death can’t break as you are both in heaven now what I want to say it’s heartbreaking you’re not with us but I admire that you fought for your self as long as you did I know Chester loved you as he dedicated a beautiful song to you one more light I wish I would’ve met you guys Chester loved who you are just like I do you showed your pain and anger in your music and I love that about you best