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adorable bastards…


Why are they always so adorable?

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Whoever made these is awesome!


Agree, Chester’s makeup is horrible…

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Julien-K? I always though it was on point. Whoever did costumes and make up for that video did well. You can tell he is the mad hatter.

These gif/memes make me roll over the floor every time. Brilliant!

There was another one in this set but didn’t post it cause it was plain stupid. But these pretty much sum up how annoying fans can be.


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It was this one:

Νο, not that one.

Then which one?

Curious now…

One about “Bennoda”.

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Your curiosity is cured:

They are awesome, laughed so hard :joy:

Tumblr is full of these gems :wink:

Thanx. Seems it´s worth to take a look and sign in :smirk: