Remember Chester, Utrecht 20 July

Hey people.
I have a question, to the Dutch people, or the people who live in The Netherlands. Who’s going to Utrecht, July 20th , to remember Chester? :pray:

I will see you there! Hope that a lot of people will be there :heart:

The official link to the LP Netherlands Facebook page for information. :timer_clock:


Wish I could come but I’m living in Ireland for the time being :V

Wishing you the best!

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@evowarrior5 maybe they also have a remember day for him over there. You could join there.

yea there’s something in Dublin, but that’s 3 hours by bus for me and it lasts into the evening so idk if I can go. I’ll have to see

Official link is coming. The LP Facebook Dutch page still needs to make a post :wink:

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