Recieved Your Presale Codes? (North America)

I need to know it too since this is going to be my first oversea concert.

The pre-sale starts in 2 hours for Toronto, and I still haven’t received a code. I haven’t gotten an email either. Other people have. I keep checking the pre-sale page on, and it still says my code is coming soon.
I emailed lpuhq, strobe and Ticketmaster, and none of them are responding. I paid over $100 for the deluxe lpu bundle for pre-sale access, and it’s looking like I’m going to have to wait until Friday when they go on sale for everyone, and pay double for a ticket really far away from the stage. :rage: This is not what I paid for.
If I end up missing the pre-sale, I’m never buying an lpu membership again.

Yep. Just got my code for LA show about 3 hours ago. I’m so excited !

I paid for a LPU membership just to have presale access so I could get good seats, I did strobe’s whole ridiculous registration process, and now it says I suddenly have no entries. This is absolute nonsense. I’m never gonna buy a membership again.

Same here. I was in the second spot as my “final spot” now I have nothing. I bought 8 cds and this membership, and have no code at all.

Me either I still haven’t received my presale code and presale tickets are about to go on sale in a few hours

I got my code at 8:10 am this morning when the presale starts at 1 pm according to the OML page. HOWEVER, the presale actually started at 10 am. So I missed it by 20 mins or so and the front row seats were gone. I’m in Montreal. Not to mention they didn’t even send us the right link for buying tickets.

This presale was soooo well organized… NOT!

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I did receive my code.
BUT the thing was that, in the morning, I clicked on the link and it redirected me to and I bought the GA without thinking about it and it costed me ~$370.
When I clicked on the link again just now, it redirected me to and GA now only costs around $125.

Am I alone and why did the link redicrect to in the first place?

At least you got your code I still haven’t received anything

The link kept redirecting me to ticketcentren too and the prices were crazy. Not to mention they are in USD. Also they stated they are a resaler website. That’s why I didn’t buy from there and went to evenko instead with the code. Can you cancel your transaction with ticketcentre? Get your GA from evenko!

Which city are you in? Hopefully they will send it at least an hour before the presale time : /

apparently my friend who followed my link and registered with out any purchase, got his password.
His place is 1607, and his sales starts 3.00 EDT
my place is 46 or 56, no password yet. I guess the service is just overwhelmed and we have to be passion, but i am kind of freaking out.

Kellakella, thanks for replying.

I purchased a tix from evenko and I believe it’s LP’s fault that the link redirected to
I believe something can be done to get my money back.

I’m going to the charlotte,North Carolina show

Its just a scam by strobe to make us buy more CDs and promote the tour for free.

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Yea definitely see if you can get ur money back. But I don’t think it’s LP’s fault. It’s just strobe lab who messed up cuz not all tickets are sold through ticketmasters and they are overwhelmed by all the registrations. They didn’t even reply me when I asked about the link

This is what I’m getting with that link, where do i supposed to put my code??

All codes should be sent by now.