Receiving Hard Copy LPU Tickets

So I just bought my presale tickets off of LPU’s site about 24 hours ago and it shows that the tickets are being delivered at the end of August for my September 4th show? Is that correct and do they usually mail it to you at the last minute? Or have they just not updated it yet?

Will I get my ticket a few weeks after the public sale? It’d kinda suck if we don’t get our tickets til 2 weeks before the actual show…so many things can go wrong with UPS and U.S. Postal etc etc.

i Have wondered the same thing

I don’t know whether they are doing it this way or not - but if they are, it’s probably because they are trying to prevent people from buying 20 tickets, and selling them at a higher price, when the show is sold out.
Just guessing though… :slight_smile:

As long as you live in the U.S., everything should go perfectly fine. Mine ship about 3 weeks prior. Usually in the U.S., things only shp in 7-10 days. I just stay positive and don’t worry. If you worry about stuff like this, you’re most likely getting worked up about nothing. This is my first show, and I an NOT worrying about anything.

I too was wondering the same thing. I am going to the August 21st show and it shows tix will ship the first week of August. Does anybody know if tix from the underground are customized and different than box office tickets and maybe thats why they will be shipping later. If they are not, I am not sure why it would take so long.

I hope these are unique tickets. I hate the typical box office tickets.

That’s a good question - the last time I saw them I bought my tix thru LPU, but I never actually got a physical ticket…but then again I was at the LPU summit in Chicago so maybe thats why. After the purchase they had a pdf to print the pass.