Ready for the Houston Texas show TODAY!

I was lucky enough to get blessed with some PIT TICKETS to see LP tonight at the Cynthia Pavilion and I must say Im absolutely excited out of my mind. I can recall being devasted two years ago when LP came here to the Toyota Center and I wasnt able to get tickets, but now it doesnt even matter! I cant even imagine how epic this experience will be, especially provided that this is my first LP concert. I’ve stanned for these guys since the Hybrid Theory days.

Im headed out from san Antonio TX. Got my room booked and im ready to have a fucking blast this is also my first concert I’ve been waiting for this for 11 yrs the first time I was suppose to c lp they Wer giving away free tickets to c them here I waited n the rain and they ran out bout thirty peeps n front of me the nex time was the Toyota center and with the weather being bad I Jus couldn’t chance it so im super excited I had to give up my floor seats cuz My Hubby didnt want to take the chance of r son getting hurt I was disappointed bout that but oh well there’s always nex tym at least im going…hope u have an amazing experience I no I will

Can’t wait for tonight. I only wish I’d gotten an email saying I was picked for M&G

i cant wait to go tonight too. this is my second lp concert. the first was in toyota center last year that was the best concert ive ever been to. i hope tonight will be even better. \m/

I hope everyone has a great time!!! Hopefully I will get some good pics but Im afraid that I wont because I will be having such a great time!!!

My hubby & I are on our way from San Antonio as we speak. Got a hotel room super close to the venue :slight_smile: this is our second time seeing them & i know our faces are gonna be rocked off! I can’t do the pit cause I’m disabled, but we got great seats! Our first M&G together…gonna be awesme! I got a M&G last yr & was so disappointed he wasn’t there. I’m so thankful for the LPU early entrance…I must have a limited poster! Last yr the lines were so long that we had to wait till after the show & there wasn’t much to pick from. I’ve got the guys a little gift too, to say thanks for taking the time out for the M&G. What time is everyone planing on getting there? The parking lot closest to the venue will be open around 5ish. Be sure to wear an LPU shirt & don’t forget your laminates for the early entrance. Can’t wait!!!

we should all meet up there i didnt buy pit tix maybe we could still meet up my twitter name is falpal266