Ready for LP CIVIC TOUR on sept 8th?!

Are you exited?! Have you decided what LP shirt to wear?! did u ask for your day off work already?! do you have a guaranteed M&G already?! lol sorry GUYS but im SUPPER EXITED this is my 3rd time seeing them live and first time meeting THEM! AHH i can’t believe i have a Guaranteed M&G ist so crazy!! im taking my friend,I asked for my day off work months ago when i reserved my tickets lol and i am just so exited!!! HOW EXITED R YOU ?!!!?!?!? [smile][exclaim] [biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin]

Been looking forward to this since I got my tickets in May. I’ve already seen them twice this year and I’m still amped. It’s my 6th time overall, can’t wait to see Lost in the Echo live. I don’t have have M&G, but I’ll be in the pit going crazy with my friends.

damn right, im stoked!!! gonna be so frickin insane :smiley:

I’m excited too!! I also have a guarenteed M&G pass, I’ll see you there?

I am excited too! I wish we could arrange to take pictures for each other…i dunno what shirt to wear yet, they recommend you wear the lpu shirt. Well I am in row L seat 5 if anyone wants to say hi…what seats did u get or are u all In the pit. I woulda gotten pit but I wanted a guaranteed good view of the show and they said if u had pit u may not.

Unfortunately I didn’t get picked for M&G but I’m gonna be in the pit anyways. It’s gonna be such a freakin good show. I HAVE BEEN SO ANXIOUS FOR THIS DAY FOR MONTHS. Ever since I went to the listening party at Warner Bros Studios I have been on such a hype for Living Things and hearing songs from it live. It’s gonna be my 3rd time seeing them and I am literally about to throw up from excitement. HYPE HYPE HYPE :smiley:

Totally stoked!! I’m going to the Chula Vista concert as well, and hoping to get picked for M&G(Chula Vista)… Have fun:)

Did you see on LPTV on youtube they will be having a live broadcast @ 7pm PT on AXStv. So some of us can see the concert twice it flipin awsome!!

I am waaay excited!! It’s my first time getting to see them. My husband doesn’t like concerts and I finally was able to find someone to go with me. No M&G this time and I’m way bummed about that. Wish I could be closer to the stage but my 10 year old is going and no way I’m taking him down into the pit. Maybe another time. He is also super excited! We’ve been counting down the days since May so I can’t believe it’s just 3 days away now!

Anyone hear about freeway closures happening this night? I’m concerned on whether I’ll make it there on time, or if I’ll be stuck in massive traffic on the way back. Can’t seem to find where it will be closed but just that it starts this Saturday night.