Reading Festival - 25.08.18

I’ve been thinking of booking reading fest for the day. It seems a lot of money as I’m really only going to see mike. I wouldn’t stay all day who is Kendrick Lamar any way!! I used to love sum 41 as a kid like 17 years ago! So that would be cool. The only thing stopping me is, will he announce a headline uk show or will the fest dates be his uk leg of the tour, what do people think? I’m worried I’m gonna she’ll out twice the price of headline show for a short festival set!! If I did come I’d be coming alone and love to meet up with people.


Reading and Leeds is too expensive. I’m spending less to go see him in Paris (3 days trip). Judging by the recent announcements, I’d assume he’ll do a club show in London but who knows…

And btw, Kendrick Lamar is pretty awesome.

Yeah i understand, but they will release nearer the time.

Yeah im only going for the day. i hope he announces more in the UK but worried he wont so im going to Reading

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I couldn’t do both if he announced a show, I don’t want to gamble so I’m thinkimg reading is a safe option. Plus a headline show will be a small venue and possibly harder to get tix?

I know how you feel! It is a bit of a risk. It’s very difficult to understand how he announce the tour. But as I believe he is trying to cover more countries rather than more cities in each country. I don’t think there’ll be more shows in the UK. I could be wrong, but there are still countries that’s not on the list like Australia, and they were actually high on the we demand website.
But yes sucks about the ticket price.

A club show is exactly what I want. Intimate, hardcore fans only and a full set.
The struggle of spending an entire day at a festival just to see him for 40min in a crowd of millions is not my ideal definition of a gig. But, I need to show my support so I’m going (plus I get to meet people there again).


Yeah true but also we want other people to hear his new music so i think its also good in a way but i get you! Im really looking forward to it!

Oh for sure! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it in a bad way. It’s incredible he was invited to all these amazing festivals in the first place (and obviously good publicity for him), it’s just… not for me.


This this this this :smile:


Amen! I’m glad Mike was invited to all these festivals because for him it’s an awesome way to reach a large audience and it’s awesome PR! But I personally HATE festivals and avoid them with a passion! I’ve attended a few in the past and it got a little bit too crazy for my taste or people weren’t as into it as I’d hope for which makes it less fun. I prefer a show where only the artist I wanna see is performing because then the majority of the audience are fans who really wanna be there and see THAT artist and it’s not only the artist giving his 100%, the AUDIENCE will also be giving their 100% and are PARTICIPATING, which makes it more fun for all! I love when people get REALLY into it and dance and jump and know all the lyrics! :heart_eyes:


Yeap, exactly!

Even though I’d love to have the opportunity to attend one of the biggest festivals one year (like RAR and Download) Just for the sake of it. Usually great bands are in the line up so I wouldn’t mind if.


Hey, I’ve been thinking about going mainly for Mike since it was announced, but I don’t really have anyone to go with too. I’m trying to decide whether to go or not. :slight_smile:

Yeah im still waiting on my cousin to let me know…shes getting married this year so very busy so i dont know if she will come…so i might be on my own…ive been talking to a few ppl so will meet up with them…but we can meet up too if you come @nevensalom :grin:

Hey @alz89 I don’t think I will make it to the show in reading! Gonna do leeds , cologne and Stockholm, so the money is tight…
Hope you have a great show and hope to meet you some other time :blush:

Hey no worries @lauraskovbjerg hope you have fun! Yes, deffo try to meet up another time! :blue_heart:

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Hahaha didnt see you there @lauraskovbjerg!
I think the line-up for this festival is crazy, and so does my dad. So we’re going, and we will be rocking our socks to Shinoda, Billy Talent, Hollywood Undead, while enjoying Papa Roach, Kings of Leon and Sum 41. I’ll persuade my dad to join me on Pendulum as well.
But jesus. I mean, the only ones missing are Nine Inch Nails and Skepta, then it would be the perfect line-up.

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I Really wanted to see Hollywood undead, but it’s not the same day as mike and can only afford one day :sob:

But have fun @benjaminmanastorm

I’m only going on the Sunday but also totally looking forward to Pendulum too. It’s a great line up on that day! Skepta would be amazing!!!

I’m going with 2 friends, i really hope to get a good spot up close!

Also designed this tshirt i’ll be wearing



Alz! You’re amking a mistake! Shinoda is playing on Saturday in Reading, Sunday in Leeds. I dont want you to miss out because of an error like that. O.o

Also, wooooah. That t-shirt is flipping cool.
Thanks @lauraskovbjerg, and have fun on your trips aswell!!