I had to read this a few times. It is a good post.

I might feel different about things because I’m older, and have a different perspective. I think admire that LP has shown their growth as human beings through their music from album to album, and not necessarily done things in order to appease the fans and make a quick buck commercially. Yes, I know LP is a business and they are going to try to make money. But i dont’ think they write stuff for commercial use, I think the marketers realize that certain songs can be quite commercial. Even now, ESPN radio is using Burn It Down for bumper music between commercials.

Instead of thinking about the music from your point of you, and I’m not trying to minimilize your experiences, think of the music and growth from their point of view. If I had to give a synopsis of every LP album, it would go like this.

Hybrid Theory - Arrogant, youthful, full of me me me and I’m right and shut up because I’m going to do things my way.

Meteora - Little more self aware. Perhaps actions do have consequenes and selfishness can hurt other people. Longing for finding answers outside of ourselves, and wanting to find a place where we belong.

MTM - Wow! Guess the selfishness that was so proudly displayed in youth is a bad thing when it comes to society as a whole, and especially when it is exhibited in our leaders. We still do wrong things as individuals, but we want to do the right things now, and genuinely care about other people, We are now able to own up to our mistakes and apologize.

Thousand Suns - Not only can we apologize, but we now have the experience, the wisdom, and the selflessness in us that we are able to put aside our pride and ask for forgiveness, and let go of the things that we have been forgiven for. Love is what is most important.

The phases of life that the music has described is the same changes we all go through. To me that is completely amazing the LP has been able to do that and still produce such wonderful sounds. And a lot of the reason that the music so speaks to us is that they are growing up and becoming wiser right along with us. Take Aerosmith for an example. When they were in their late 30’s they were singing about sex, in their 40’s still singing about sex, in their 50’s…you get the point. We are lucky that our favorite band has grown right along with us. I don’t think there is any coincidence to why some of the band members always give glory to God first in the jacket of every album. Become selfless, asking forgiveness, and being able to let things go is exactly what is taught in the Bible.

I suppose for every LPU member there would be a uniquely different reply to your query. In the end (pardon the pun) maybe you can embrace getting older, embrace the change, embrace the love that this community has become. Even if LP should decide to go their separate ways, it doesn’t mean we won’t stop loving their music or be able to have a forum where we can celebrate what the music has meant to us. LP won’t always be here to be your salvation, and truly the search for salvation can only start from within you. I always think of the three key words in “Iridescent,” ‘Let it go.’