RE: phoenix leaving lp

april fools joke dude LOL haha

You know he loves his golf.

April fools mate. haha

It’s probably BS. Phoenix will never leave LP. Yes, somebody is pulling an April Fool’s joke, ha ha. My thought :slight_smile:

Yeppppp April Fools on that one bro. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL It’s be so awkward if it was true though, which I highly doubt it is anyway.

LOL I can’t believe some of you guys are actually falling for this crap. April Fool’s xD

you sir got april fooled

I felt so fucked up when I first read this…damn [biggrin]

i laughed

FEK …!!
yeah you can fill in the 2nd word i guess xD

he would never do that

it was a joke that the LPA did. [smile][biggrin]

That’s LPAss. for you…