Re: Does anyone else feel robbed for buying their presale tickets instead of waiting?

That’s odd… I only paid 127 for my ticket for the PIT.

I think she means $235 for 2 tickets.

$235 for LAWN?

are you crazy?!

You got robbed. always buy pit, always. Although you get to sit, which is pretty damn good, my feet got killed at the Home Depot Center.

enjoy the show.

$235 for lawn tickets?! Bro, you should of just of gotten pit tickets that would of been the same exact price. A completely different yet amazing and much better concert experience. Just my opinion though.

Yeah that price is crazy ridiculous for Lawn… Something is up with that. Pre-sale was worth it for me though… Even though I didn’t receive my tickets before the show and had to do will call… But I went to the Calgary and Edmonton shows where access to the pre-sale got me early bird tickets that were half price.

Presale is well worth it but you never get Lawn presale tickets, you get PIT or great dead center seats, seems odd that you paid that and for lawn, think it was a mistake, lessons learned.

Well… I just looked at my tickets today and they say GA PIT!!! haha, I feel like a dumb ass.

LOL Welll I guess the problem is solved now …