Re: anybody having problems with twitter?

Well I must say your situation seems most strange :S
I am sorry but I have had no problems with twitter when I used it today (only shortly as I use fb more)

I hope u manage to fix your problem!! Good luck!

I have the same problem! hopefully it will be fixed

Its probably just something wrong with twiter itself. I wouldnt be suprised if someone messed with it again. I would suggest posting something like this on a more approatite site.

I had the same problems, i guess something is / was just wrong with twitter itself.

Good news, my Twitter is back working again today. Yeah, I found out that Twitter was having some problems. They okay now. I just want to know, if I was the only one or not. Okay, thanks everybody. [smile]

Well where? I put this post in the feedback section. Section that is not related to Linkin Parkā€¦ Only people I know and in contact with, that uses the Twitter is on LPU.