Random Poem I Wrote For Chester

Deep inside me extinguished light
Lost fight against the darkest night
Hiding in corners deep inside

My name I hardly ever hear
For far too long I’ve lived in fear
Lost everyone that I held dear

The wish to sleep can be so strong
The wish to live a heartbeat long
I am so old, they say I’m young

While way up high the sky exploding
Into a multitude of worlds
Though all my blurring eyes are seeing
A tangly mass of messy curls

But through those ringlets
I, too, see
The stars reflection in the sea
Dancing specs of evening sky
The smallest spark of light in me
For the first time I long to be
I want to live, I shall be free

What if I told you I’m about to lose it
My vision fading so I’m biting hard on the bit
To keep myself in the present
And to prevent myself from losing my grip

Weights upon my back
Slowly increasing their load
Legs about to snap
As I walk down the road

I scream at the top of my lungs
But my pain falls upon dead leaves
Climbing life’s ladder and miss a rung
But no one’s there to catch me

Drowning in this air as thick as cement
Filling up my lungs, coughing up Earth’s excrement

I’m not safe anymore, not from this bully
The only problem is, that same bully is me


You know if you put it in a song you can be famous like linkin park​:smiley::smiley::smiley::grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::relaxed::wink::blush::blush::sunglasses::musical_note::notes::musical_score::headphones::microphone::guitar::guitar::guitar:

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