Quick Question regarding a lil confusion

Hey guys i have a question.

i have an official membership but i dont have the recent Laminate (only an old one :confused: ). SO my question is - it used to be like that that u only get the Early Entry if u have the recent laminate (if im not mistaken).

now my question - i have read on the main page the following: All LPU members have access to Early Entry at select LINKIN PARK concerts.
so how does that work if ur a member but dont have the laminate???
I kno the info about time and place will be posted on the website if i remember - question is just will i get in without a Laminate and if yes how do i proof im an LPU member? I hope yall know what i mean and hopefully someone can help me out

im askin bc im goin to the open air show ins ept in berlin and have the front of stage ticket n it would be awesome to be able to have early entry :smile:

Thanks in advance

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You just print your receipt and have it with you. Or buy a laminate.

ok thanks i will check. dont kno if its worth it bc teh laminate is $5 but shipping is over $80 - maybe i cn send it to a friend will see

and i dont have a receipt anymore :frowning: otherwise ima just screenshot my dashboard and print it out :slight_smile: but thanks tho :smile:

@LeStef030 $80? Are you sure you chose the standard shipping option? That’s way too much. I’ve never paid more than $13-$15 for shipping (except for packages which is usually around $23).

You can always just ask Lorenzo though and he’ll tell you what to do.

to have it send to germany yeah thats that much :frowning:

ah ok thanks - how can i contact him? sorry if its a stupid question lol

@LeStef030 There!!! Choose Parcel Post, not UPS. UPS is a courier service that’s why it’s so expensive.
Yeah, you can either mail him or Lulu at lpuhq@lpundergound.com or you can find him on Twitter under lorenzoerr.

the parcel one sends only to PO/APO Boxes internationally thats the problem :frowning:

thanks for the mail

@LeStef030 If the package is not too big they’ll bring it to your house and you won’t have to go pick it up. It’s not really that big of a deal unless you live like pretty far away from your nearest post office. Dunno, it’s up to you really. I’ve never had any issues so far.
You’re welcome.

as i said - that isnt possible - it is sent from the US to Germany - i cant use postal bc it only sends to APO/PO box - which i dont have so i could only use regular shipping which is too expensive

anyway thanks for ur help. i emailed lorenzo

@LeStef030 You don’t have a home address? Sorry but I don’t get it. I’m in Europe too and I use the parcel shipping and when I put my home address in, it sends it to the closest PO in my area and I go and pick it up. That’s why I said it’d only be a problem if you live way too far away from your closest PO.
Hope you figure it out anyways!

worked for me and I have both the Laminate and I had early entry for the hunting party tour in Manchester England but I was also in Meet & Greet to but you should have the new LPU Laminate send them an email to get one sent to you because you may need it in the future.

don’t have to use UPS there other options for shipping

@evooba ok then i just misunderstood it i thought i could only use the parcel shipping for weurope if i have an APO/PO Box. sorry for misunderstanding. i will try now. thanks alot for your help

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@LeStef030 You’re welcome!

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