Quick: Question about autographs @ M&G

I am sitting here with my MTM and ATS CD’s and I don’t know which one to choose for autographs, at the upcoming Skive Festival M&G…

The ATS CD isn’t a jewel case, like MTM. The material is doesn’t feel like it will hold on to an autograph if you accidentally rub your fingers or something else against it, but it’s my favorite album and I really want the autographs on this one! Does anyone have any experiences with autographs on the ATS album?

I wanted to go with Meteora, I really did, because it started my Linkin Park journey 9 years ago. But back in the days where I got the CD, it too wasn’t in a normal jewel case like ATS and I was young and stupid and threw out the original case and bought a clear jewel case in stead. Stupid, because now I don’t really feel like I can get autographs on it, because it isn’t the original case.

But yeah, if anyone has any advice as to which CD to bring with me to get autographs on, I’d appreciate the help! Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

You may make them sign the ATS booklet.

Yeah, I thought about that, I guess it’ll have to do, if I want the autographs on my favorite album. :wink:

The Booklet will work most of the time!
Most ppl get their booklets signed.

It doesn’t have to be a jewel case to get an autogram on. i prefer the card sleeve case like meteora or ATS had

I got my ATS vinyl signed at the pinkpop festival. It looks AWESOME, it’s a very autograph-fiendly cover (: if it’s your favorite record, I’d say sign that one